Ep. 11: Joe (Tie One One)

We turn it up to 11 for our series finale! Our long-time, long-distance, best friend Joe joins us all the way from Ontario, Canada to tell us all about opening a bar with his wife, only to have the pandemic throw them a curve ball.

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Ep. 10: Kellie

Kellie joins us this week all the way from Long Island, NY to tell us about vacationing on the eve of the pandemic, the DMV, and east coast/west coast ‘rona. Then Rod spreads DMV misinformation.

Be sure to check out Kellie’s podcast Being There.

Ep. 9: Lety

Lety joins us this week to tell us all about how her life got flipped, turned upside down thanks to the ‘Rona. She details the over the top preventative measures taken at work, a local police station. What criminal activity you can and can’t get away with during the pandemic. The COVID-19 close call her family experienced. Denise goes on another angry rant. Finally, we end by trying to make sense of the recent police brutality protests.

Ep. 7: Luis

Rod’s cousin joins us this week to share his COVID-19 experience living in Mexico. We discuss cultural differences, the socioeconomic divide, distance learning, social safety nets (or lack thereof), and expats behaving badly.

Ep. 6: Marc

Marc (probable.self on Instagram) joins us this week to talk about being a process server for a law enforcement agency during ‘Rona times. We discuss empathy in law enforcement, self-actualization, and “new normal” ideals.

Ep. 4: Luis (Mobar)

Luis from Mobar & Co. joins us this week to discuss how the pandemic has affected his mobile bartending and espresso bar service. We share our frustrations about the negative impact not adhering to safer at home orders will have on the length of the lockdown. Finally, Luis shares his struggles with staying creative and dealing with depression.

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